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A Week in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Just when we’re starting to get settled-in in our new home in Maryland, we had to pack our bags and head to the Caribbean. For Mao, she had a conference in the U.S. Virgin Islands and for me I had a shoot in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The next morning after my shoot, I was picked up at the resort at 6am for an 8:15a flight with the first leg to Miami, just enoughA� time to grab a cuban and empanada, then to St. Thomas arriving around 4p. In summary, our stay here was mostly work related especially for Mao. For Carrie and I, we spent a lot of time in our villa because it rained everyday. We didn’t even go to the beach and enjoy the water. On our next visit, we’ll probably go between Dec and Feb which is the best time to go. I recommend renting a private villa and a jeep to explore all of the beaches. And definitely dedicate time to fine shopping at Yacht Haven.

I typically like to sit on the aisle but the leg to St. Thomas, I opted for a window seat. This is what I’ve been missing out?

So we landed in St. Thomas during a rain storm. I love this photo cause you can actually see the rain coming in and it creates a nice background/foreground contrast.

So, November is the start of the flu season and of course H1N1 is a major concern especially in major travel routes. In Jamaica, we were handed a card that notifies doctors that the person has traveled and may have contacted H1N1. In St. Thomas, I found this sign outside the airport on the way to the ferry dock.

It rained when we landed at the airport and luckily, it stayed clear enough for us to go to the dock, wait for the ferry, and board it.While we were boarding, the sun came out for a few minutes which resulted in the photo below. Once I boarded the ferry, I saw this breathtaking rainbow. A few minutes into the ferry ride, it rained again.

This photo was taken when we arrived at the Westin St. John.

The next morning, I had a shoot at the Marriott in St. Thomas for Mao’s conference. We left St. John around 7a and the bay had this very calm and soothing light.

After the shoot, we went back to St. John, rested for a bit, then headed out to dinner. On our travels, we always opt for local food. We found this one restaurant recommended by our cabby called SoGo. I had the curry goat and Mao had fried chicken. It was absolutely delicious!!

Carrie got a complimentary Westin St. John stuffed turtle and she loves it.

In St. John, their cabs are huge pickup trucks with bench seating on the bed of the truck. They call them safari jeep. St. John has really steep hills and the week we were there, it rained the whole time. So I’m assuming you’ll need 4-wheel drive to get around and manage those steep hills.

Well, there really wasn’t much that we did for a few days cause by the time we plan on doing something, it starts raining. Luckily we stayed in a 2br villa at the Westin. The last day before we had to leave, the weather was nice so we did a jeep tour of the island. In the tour, it took us to the popular beaches as well as stunning overlooks. Most of the island is a part of a National Park including the beaches below. So, they remain pristine with no resort nearby.

For dinner, we took the public ferry to St. Thomas and 20m cab ride to Yacht Haven where there are duty-free high-end stores. We then decided to do the Taste of the Islands consisting of 39 vendors from St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. We went kinda late so some of the booths were out of food but there was plenty of wine and cheese. We were able to find a few booths serving island-type dishes. It was a bit of a let down and we went to a restaurant called Wicked for fried red snapper.


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