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Amy + Marty | St. Lucia

Two months ago, Tammy Levent, president of Elite Travel, the travel agency for my Jamaica bride and groom, Niki and Erik, provided Baltazar Photography with an opportunity to join her in filming and shooting Biggest Losersa�� contestants Amy and Marty in their a�?I do Redoa�? exotic wedding at the Body Holiday and Jalousie Resorts in St Lucia.

On the afternoon of Sunday, August 17th, we arrived at our destination, the Body Holiday Resort, after a 1 A? hour transfer through the mountains on probably the most winding roads Ia��ve been on, with one hairpin turn after another.

Immediately after our check-in, we Bradley and I met the whole team:

  • the couple Amy and Marty
  • the producers, Tammy and Katie
  • the videographer, Brian Kenny
  • the resort brand manager and main contact, Judy
  • and the resort wedding planner, Charmaine.

The Body Holiday provided us with a spacious honeymoon suite, complete with a private butler and a chef. After a delicious dinner prepared by our personal chef, we had a powwow meeting to plan and review the agenda for the upcoming two days.

The next day, Monday, is by far the most action packed day; the team met at 6 am to drive out to Jalousie Resort on the south side of the island, back through the same, never-ending windy roads from the prior day. Sitting on the back of the van wasn’t a great idea since I’m prone to motion sickness. I almost lost my bran muffin breakfast several times but managed to keep it in after I relocated myself to the front of the van and cracked the window for fresh air.

At the Jalousie Resort, we shot Amy and Marty as they exchanged vows on a terrace elevated above the resort between the Piton Mountains, with an absolutely breathtaking view of the surrounding resort, ocean and mountains. Minor details for the ceremony were not spared by the resort staff.

A helicopter awaited us at a helo pad by the beach. We took an aerial tour of the area and circled the Piton Mountainsa�� peaks several times. It was an amazing experience to shoot from a birda��s eye view of the Piton Mountains. When we touched down, Amy and Marty had lunch in a 43 ft sailboat, equipped with a private butler and a saxophonist who serenaded the couple as the butler served champagne and lunch aboard the boat.

Upon return to the resort after lunch, Tammy (the producer) spotted a sulfur bath advertisement in the lobby and, in the spur of the moment, developed the idea to have a a�?trash the dressa�? session. I bet no one in their sane minds would have conceived of that idea. It wasn’t your typical trash the dress jumping in the pool or the beach or waterfall, all of which have been done in the past. (This is Tammy Levent we’re talking about, after all.) This was something totally unique and original. If you’ve ever been around sulfur, youa��d probably understand why ita��s so unique: sulfur is the bi-product of volcanoes and has the stench of rotten eggs! We left for the nearby active volcano and as we got closer to the sulfur, the worse the smell became. After a while, however, it wasna��t too bad. Soon, we discover that the sulfur bath was close to scalding hot. Not risking Amy and Martya��s safety, we ended up trashing the dress on the sulfur fall where the heat was more tolerable. Amy and Marty were definitely great sports and we couldna��t have picked a more deserving and fun couple.

Next was a drive back to Body Holiday Resort for the last activity, a sunset reception for two on the beach. The weather couldna��t have been any better with not a drop of rain the entire day. The sunset dinner was served by their own private serving staff to a backdrop of Caribbean music played by a three person band, provided by Sunswept Resorts.

Tuesday, the following day, was just as jam-packed as the previous day.A� Amy and Marty went zip lining, took archery and fencing classes and indulged in spa treatments.

For me, this destination wedding was a dream come true. As a wedding photographer, I’ve attended and photographed a lot of weddings. This is by far one of the most unique and diverse wedding. I loved that it was not your typical wedding with the usual getting ready, ceremony, portraits and reception timeline. This experience has provided me with great and unique portfolio shots that are exceptionally distinct from my competitors.

All of this couldna��t have been possible without the creative vision of Tammy from Elite Travel and the excellent staff of Sunswept Resorts especially Judy who went above and beyond the call of duty to meet our group’s needs. I can definitely recommend the Sunswept resorts, the Body Holiday and Jalousie, when you’re planning a destination wedding or honeymoon in beautiful St Lucia. (You probably already know that I’m very critical and therefore I don’t easily endorse or promote other businesses unless I truly believe in them.)

St. Lucia has become one of my favorite places to visit. People told me how St.Lucia is their favorite place to visit and that ita��s just hard to put into words as to why. Now I understand why. Not only did I have an exotic and breathtaking destination to shoot and explore but in addition to this were the great people with awesome personalities, an adventure packed itinerary and some spontaneity. This combination guaranteed the great time that I had in St Lucia. This was definitely not a lay on the beach and work on your tan while sipping a pina colada kind of trip. It was about the bonds that we all built while engaging in the camaraderie of the group. Business partnerships were established and creative ideas flowed in conjunction with having a great time. I couldn’t ask for more. Except maybe more sleep. Seriously though, I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to doing it again.

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