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Yes We Can! Change Has Come.

I was never really interested in voting in a presidential election or any other elections for that matter. No other elections ever compelled me enough to head out to the polls. However, this election year is different. I actually bought into presidential candidate Obama’s message of change. I know the 4 other presidents who made it to the White House during my lifetime also talked about change, but again, this felt different for some reason. The change Obama spoke about was believable and relevant.

From the beginning of the presidential campaigns, I had many conversations with family, friends, acquaintances, and people I’ve never met about the two candidates and how they differ. It actually took me a while to decide who to vote from. Eventually, I went with Obama because I agree with and share a lot of his views on health care, energy, education and so on.

On Election Day, November 4, 2008, I woke up early feeling as though it was going to be a unique and historical day. Not only did we have the first African-American running for President and a woman running for Vice President, it was my first time voting, ever! So I got ready: my wife and I put on our Obama-Biden shirts and watched the status of the polls. After the morning rush hour, the polls started to slow down at 10am, so we decided to go to our polling location. I couldn’t have been more excited about something so big, important and possibly life changing. With virtually no wait, I submitted my vote.

On Election evening, we hosted a small watch party with family members representing and supporting both Republicans and Democrats. In addition to pizza, we had blue and red plastic cups available so people could drink out of cups representative of their political party. So, then we watched. McCain had an early lead which later turned over to Obama and never switched leads after. McCain conceded around 11pm and watched Obama’s very moving acceptance speech. The best part is that my vote counted in VA, a battleground state that has historically been a red state. My first vote and it counted

I am ready for change and America is ready for change. Obama, please do us good!

P.S. – If you regularly follow my blog, I intentionally avoid discussing politics. This is afterall a photography and travel-related blog.

Sporting our Obama – Biden shirts

Baby Baltazar voices his/her opinion.

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